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Care-O-bot® 4
intelligent, charming and versatile

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Our mission

Pioneering service robotics. Conceived by professionals. Made for humans.

We create intelligent mobile assistive robots. Because we can. Because it’s our passion. And because our solutions make everyday life easier. Our service robots assist, help, facilitate. They raise productivity. They mitigate the skills shortage. And they’re also fun. Because they’re friendly. Smart and charming. We take human-robot interaction seriously. So we do everything we can to make it as safe, natural and intuitive as possible. Technology must serve people. Not the other way round. Guaranteeing this is our constant endeavour. Before you’ve finished reading this, we may well have taken a further step forward.

Care-O-bot® 4
the all-rounder

One service robot. Many facets. Countless possibilities.

Be it in retail or the hotel industry, at museums, in hospitals or at airports: as one of the most advanced mobile service robots in the world, our Care-O-bot® 4 alias Paul is suitable for versatile use in a host of different everyday environments. Where can I find screws and wall plugs? Is there a toilet near here? Can I reserve a table at the restaurant? Questions like these can be answered by Care-O-bot® 4 in a matter of seconds. Accurate information delivered in a reliable and always friendly manner.



LUKA Beverage is the ideal solution for food and beverage retailers. Due to his patented gripper design he is able to manipulate both complete crates and single bottles. Your autonomous 24/7 service mobile cobot.



LUKA the logistics and commissioning assistent is capable of handling all kinds of  small load carriers and cardboard boxes and interconnect shelves and logistic infrastructure as mobile cobot around the clock.



Also in the hospital sector, Care-O-bot® 4 can deliver valuable services, such as welcoming patients and visitors, answering questions or showing people around the building.

The team behind Mojin

Visionary. Motivated. Competent.

To shape the future and change the world, you need the best brains. At Mojin Robotics, ingenious robotics engineers work hand-in-hand with first-class software engineers, enthusiastic sales professionals and a committed management team. A passionate spirit of innovation, in-depth know-how, consistent customer focus, uncompromising quality, lively team spirit and an honest and respectful attitude to colleagues, clients and partners are key factors of success in international competition for the best solutions. As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, we are your competent partner around all aspects of service robotics. We look forward to hearing from you.


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