Care-O-bot® 4 is the ideal solution for store-based retail. Its navigation and promotion features make for an enhanced customer experience when shopping.



In combination with the Concierge app, Care-O-bot® 4 is capable of giving information on the hotel and surrounding area, calling a taxi or making a table reservation.



Also in the hospital sector, Care-O-bot® 4 can deliver valuable services, such as welcoming patients and visitors, answering questions or showing people around the building.


Great shopping

Care-O-bot® 4 is already an established part of several consumer electronics stores. It presents itself there as a helpful and competent advisor, but is also an extremely popular figure. Care-O-bot® 4 gives answers to customers’ questions. Checks whether the desired product is available. Escorts the customer to the appropriate aisle in the store. Plays music for a relaxed atmosphere. And sometimes even breaks into an entertaining dance routine. In short, Care-O-bot® 4 is a genuine enrichment. For customers. For staff. And – not least – for each retail brand.

  • "The fun factor with Paul is huge. There's almost something emotional about interacting with our charming robotic colleague."

    John Baumann, Leiter IT, Saturn Hamburg
  • "Paul is a big hit with our customers. We see noticeably more families with children, just because of Paul."

    Sascha Krause, Saturn Berlin


Local Guide

Targeted Promotion


A new kind of concierge

Care-O-bot® 4 brings a breath of fresh air to the hospitality sector. As a friendly and courteous concierge, it can welcome hotel guests on arrival, answer questions, order a taxi or reserve a table at the restaurant. It serves as a central point of contact and all-purpose information terminal. Care-O-bot® 4 can also give details of events, tips on special local activities, restaurant recommendations, etc. In short, it’s a genuine all-rounder.


Targeted Promotion

Concierge Service


Assistance on wheels

Care-O-bot 4 is ideal for use in hospitals and care homes, where it can make life significantly easier for the staff while injecting life into the services on offer. In the reception area, it is capable of providing all kinds of information to patients and visitors. “Where’s the outpatient clinic?”, “When does the hospital shop close?”, “Which room is Mr Miller in?” – these and many more questions can be answered by Care-O-bot® 4 in a friendly and reliable way. Directions are given either verbally or in the form of a printout. Alternatively, Care-O-bot® 4 can accompany the person to where they wish to go. It is also readily capable of reading a health insurance card or ordering a taxi.


Local Guide

Concierge Service

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